Art and Art History

Art and Art History offers students a combination of the academic study of Art History at UTM with studio courses at Sheridan. (Specialist or Major)

Art History

Art History offers students an exciting forum for developing critical skills in interpreting visual imagery and understanding the significance of art in a variety of cultures and historical periods including the contemporary moment. (Specialist, Major or Minor)

Visual Culture

The Visual Culture program takes a historical and theoretical approach to understanding the meaning and power of images in everyday life. (Minor)

Visual Culture and Communication

The Visual Culture and Communication program prepares students to take an active and informed role in shaping 21st-century visual culture through a combination of academic study at UTM and digital media and communication courses at Sheridan. (Specialist)

Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies offers students interested in film the opportunity to develop a focused area of study in thispopular and global art form and uniquely modern means of communication.