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Please note that students in the Department of Visual Studies are not permitted to double enrol in courses (i.e., students may not enrol in two DVS classes that are offered at the same time, or in a DVS class and any other class at the same time). Students who do so will be removed from one of the two classes.

To start planning your timetable, visit the Office of the Registrar's Timetable Planner.

2023-24 Fall/Winter Courses

Art History Courses (FAH)

Pootoogook, Annie. Composition (Portrait of Pitseolak). 2006. Coloured and metallic pencil, black porous-point pen on paper. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
  • FAH101H5  Introduction to Art History
  • FAH216H5  Later Medieval Art and Architecture
  • FAH275H5  Introduction to Indigenous Art in Canada
  • FAH279H5  Baroque Art and Architecture
  • FAH282H5  Gardens, Homes, and Palaces in the Muslim World
  • FAH289H5  Art Since 1945
  • FAH291H5  History of Photography
  • FAH310H5  Curating Matters: Contexts and Issues in Contemporary Curatorial Practice
  • FAH317H5  Spirit Photography
  • FAH356H5  Colonial Latin American Art and Architecture
  • FAH360H5  Art and Visual Culture of the Eighteenth Century
  • FAH362H5  Modern Craft
  • FAH390H5  Topics in Modern Art and Architecture
  • FAH393H5  Topics in Ancient Greco-Roman Art
  • FAH394H5  Topics in Early Modern Art and Architecture
  • FAH395H5  Topics in Islamic Art and Architecture
  • FAH451H5  Curating Now: Turning Concepts into Curatorial Projects
  • FAH490H5  Topics in Ancient Art and Architecture
  • FAH492H5  Topics in Modern Art and Architecture
  • FAH493H5  Topics in Early Modern Art and Architecture
  • FAH494H5  Topics in Contemporary Art and Theory
  • FAH495H5  Topics in Islamic Art and Architecture
  • FAH496H5  Topics in Modern Art and Architecture
  • VST410Y5  Internship in Visual Studies (Not offered in the Fall)

Studio Art Courses (FAS)

Rembrandt. Satire on Art Criticism. 1644. Pen and brown ink corrected with white. Met Museum, New York.
  • FAS143H5  Drawing I
  • FAS145H5  Painting I
  • FAS147H5  Photography I
  • FAS232H5  Print Media I
  • FAS234H5  Print Media II
  • FAS236H5  Design I
  • FAS243H5  Drawing II
  • FAS245H5  Painting II
  • FAS246H5  Design II
  • FAS247H5  Photography II
  • FAS248H5  Sculpture I
  • FAS258H5  Sculpture II
  • FAS330Y5  Experimentation in Past and Present Techniques
  • FAS334Y5  Print Media III
  • FAS343Y5  Drawing III
  • FAS345Y5  Painting III
  • FAS346Y5  Design III
  • FAS347Y5  Photography III
  • FAS348Y5  Sculpture III
  • FAS349Y5  Video, Sound and Performance
  • FAS359Y5  Video and Sound
  • FAS369Y5  Performance-Based Art
  • FAS434Y5  Individual Investigations in Print Media
  • FAS443Y5  Individual Investigations in Drawing
  • FAS445Y5  Individual Investigations in Painting
  • FAS446Y5  Individual Investigations in Design
  • FAS447Y5  Individual Investigations in Photography
  • FAS448Y5  Individual Investigations in Sculpture
  • FAS451H5  Advanced Project
  • FAS452H5  Advanced Project
  • FAS453H5  Art Education Practice
  • FAS454H5  Professional Practice     

NB: All FAS courses are held at Sheridan.

Cinema Studies Courses (CIN)

Coloured photograph of Elm Road Drive-In sign
Coloured photograph of Elm Road Drive-In sign
  • CIN101H5  An Introduction to Cinema Studies
  • CIN102H5  Modernity and the Moving Image
  • CIN203H5  The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
  • CIN204H5  The Films of Martin Scorsese
  • CIN205H5  Canadian Auteurs
  • CIN208H5  The Films of Abbas Kiarostami: Being and Movement
  • CIN210H5  Contemporary Southeast Asian Cinemas
  • CIN290H5  Topics in Cinema Studies
  • CIN302H5  Topics in Cinema Studies
  • CIN305H5  Taiwan New Wave in Our Time
  • CIN307H5  Movement
  • CIN310H5  Melodrama
  • CIN315H5  From Script to Screen
  • CIN317H5  Production: Independent Cinema
  • CIN401H5  Topics in Cinema Studies
  • CIN402H5  Avant-Garde Film and Video
  • CIN403H5  Queerscapes, Screenscapes, Escapes: Gender and Sexuality Across East and Southeast Asian Cinemas
  • CIN410H5  Creating Mobile Cinemas
  • CIN430H5  Making a Short Film

Visual Culture Communication Courses (VCC)

Issued by William S. Kimball & Company. Mama's Pet, from the Household Pets series (N194).1891. Commercial color lithograph. Met Museum, New York.
  • VCC101H5  Introduction to Visual Culture
  • VCC205H5  Monsters
  • VCC207H5  Urban Sites and Sounds
  • VCC236H5  North American Consumer Culture: 1890-Present
  • VCC290H5  Topics in Visual Culture and Communication
  • VCC292H5  Topics in Visual Culture and Communication
  • VCC304H5  Visual Culture and the Politics of Identity
  • VCC306H5  Visual Culture and Colonialism
  • VCC308H5  Activism in Visual and Media Culture
  • VCC390H5  Topics in Visual Culture and Communication
  • VCC392H5  Topics in Visual Culture and Communication
  • VCC400H5  Advanced Project
  • VCC410H5  The Collective Afterlife of Things
  • VCC490H5  Topics in Visual Culture and Communication
  • VCC492H5  Topics in Visual Culture and Communication

 Visual Studies Courses (VST) (Not offered in the Fall)

Professor helping students with design at a studio class

 VST410H5  Internship in Visual Studies 
 VST410Y5  Internship in Visual Studies (HUM, EXP)

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