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Please note that students in the Department of Visual Studies are not permitted to double enrol in courses (i.e., students may not enrol in two DVS classes that are offered at the same time, or in a DVS class and any other class at the same time). Students who do so will be removed from one of the two classes.

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2024 Summer Courses

Art History Courses (FAH)

Pootoogook, Annie. Composition (Portrait of Pitseolak). 2006. Coloured and metallic pencil, black porous-point pen on paper. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

FAH274H5 Renaissance Art & Architecture
FAH288H5 Euro NA Art of Early 20th Cent
FAH392H5 Topics in Modern Art/Architecture
FAH394H5 Topics Early Modern Art  Arch

Studio Art Courses (FAS)

Rembrandt. Satire on Art Criticism. 1644. Pen and brown ink corrected with white. Met Museum, New York.

FAS143H5 Drawing 1                     
FAS145H5 Painting I                    
FAS147H5 Photography 1                 
FAS232H5 Print Media 1                 
FAS236H5 Design I                      
FAS246H5 Design 11                     
FAS248H5 Sculpture 1                  

NB: All FAS courses are held at Sheridan.

Cinema Studies Courses (CIN)

Coloured photograph of Elm Road Drive-In sign
Coloured photograph of Elm Road Drive-In sign

CIN206H5 Auteurs                       
CIN302H5 Topics in Cinema Studies  

    Visual Culture Communication Courses (VCC)

Issued by William S. Kimball & Company. Mama's Pet, from the Household Pets series (N194).1891. Commercial color lithograph. Met Museum, New York.

VCC308H5 Activism in Visual & Media Culture 
VCC392H5 Topics in Visual Culture and Communication              
VCC492H5 Topics in Visual Culture and Communication

 Visual Studies Courses (VST)

Professor helping students with design at a studio class

 VST410H5  Internship in Visual Studies 
 VST410Y5  Internship in Visual Studies (HUM, EXP)

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