DVS & HCC Personal Counselling Service

DVS is partnering with ICCIT and HCC to offer students embedded counselling services


Icon of heart and brain to illustrate mental health and wellbeing


DVS has a Counsellor in Residence. Tiffany D’Souza from Health & Counselling Centre is in the department on Fridays, in CCT 3053.

Counselling appointments can be scheduled directly with the HCC by calling (905) 828-5255 or stopping by the HCC in DV1123A and requesting the on-location counsellor for ICCIT or DVS. Appointments can take place in person in the CCT building, virtually or over the phone. Students may access either same day appointments or appointments that are scheduled in advance. Some issues that could be discussed in counselling include anxiety, stress, depression, body image, relationship issues and procrastination, among many others.


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