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Patricia Longergan

The University of Toronto Mississauga Office of Communications handles all broad-based marketing initiatives on campus including branding, visual identity standards and advertising.

For marketing and branding guidance and approval, please contact Patricia Lonergan, Director, Marketing and Communications.

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images of UTM Branded roll-up banners

Borrowing marketing materials

See what marketing materials are available to borrow and learn the process for borrowing marketing materials prior to and after events.

UTM Entrance

UTM priorities, commitments & marquee initiatives 

Read about UTM's Strategic Framework Priorities, Commitments & Marquee Initiatives.



U of T Mississauga Signature on photo

How to use the UTM signature

Read tips on how to use our UTM signature, including spacing, size, colours and placing onto a page.

U of T signature blue on image lockup text

UTM signature and text lock-ups

Read tips on how to use the UTM signature text lock-ups on all of your documents.

commander Chris Hadfield signing a book

Creating a UTM email signature

Contact Patricia Lonergan for a UTM specific email signature or visit the U of T Brand Portal Email Signatures page for more information.


Visit the U of T Brand Portal Microsoft Office Templates page for branded PowerPoint and Word templates. For UTM branded PowerPoint and Word templates including memorandum and meeting agenda, please contact Patricia Lonergan.