Tips on What to Wear to Broadcast Interviews

speaking to an audience

Look your best on camera! What people wear for a broadcast interview isn’t as important as the verbal message you want to convey. However, if your appearance or attire is distracting to the viewer, you may have just lost the only opportunity to make your message resonate. Appearance is critically important when you are representing yourself or your organization. Here are a few tips when dressing for a television appearance or interview:


What to Wear

  • Solid colours, e.g. blue and pastels work well
  • Add some contrast, e.g. pair a grey blazer with blue shirt
  • Choose light, cotton fabrics that are comfortable
  • Microphones attach easily to shirts and jacket with lapels
  • Ensure clothes are neat and wrinkle-free
  • Check for lint and folded collar
  • Subtle makeup and jewellery


What to Avoid

  • Intense colours, e.g. red, black and pure whites
  • Bright colours, e.g. hot pink, orange, yellow, purple
  • Busy patterns or animal prints
  • Logos that are not University of Toronto
  • Clothing that is oversized or too tight-fitting
  • Large, reflective or jingling jewellery