Math Workshops for MAT132/135 and MAT134/136 for Winter 2020

The RGASC is hosting a series of workshops for calculus students in MAT132/135 and a separate workshop series for students in MAT134/136.

The workshops are led by instructors and are designed to go over key topics and concepts found in MAT132/135 and MAT134/136.  Please see below for each workshop series and the session descriptions.

MAT132/135 Workshops

Workshop 1:  Inequalities and absolute values

Inequalities and absolute value will be reviewed in detail. They are important concepts that appear through differential and integral calculus, e.g., calculating limits, determining the differentiability of an absolute value function.

Workshop 2:  Graphs and properties of functions

Students will understand how to apply transformations to a function and sketch corresponding graphs. Various features and properties of functions will be discussed, for students to become more confident and familiar when working with functions.

Workshop 3: Trigonometry and inverse trigonometry

The bane of most students – trigonometry. A portion of the workshop will be dedicated to working with trigonometry in various contexts. From there, a discussion about inverse functions will help students better understand how trigonometric functions and their inverses relate with one another.

NEW! Workshop 4: Limits and How it Applies to the Derivative

The workshop will focus on computing limits. After, students will see how the limit is connected to the derivative.

NEW! Workshop 5: Working With Differentiation Techniques 

Students will practice, practice, and practice... working with various differentiation techniques. 

MAT 132/135 - Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. and repeated on Fridays from 2-4 p.m. Register here. 


MAT134/136 Workshops

Workshop 1: Review of limits and summation

The workshop will reinforce the idea of summation and ways to work with sums. As well, students will review important results about limits from differential calculus.  

Workshop 2: Antiderivatives and General Idea of Integrals

Antiderivatives will be revisited from differential calculus point of view, i.e., how to compute one. Students will acquire a better understanding of what an integral is by using this approach.

Workshop 3: Graphing for Area Between Two Curves and Solid of Revolution

The main focus will be in understanding how to graph functions and identify the appropriate bounded region, and how to visualize rotation about an axis. This will assist students when computing the area between two curves and the volume of a solid of revolution.

NEW! Workshop 4: Limits (as needed) and Partial Fraction Decomposition

The workshop will review important limit results needed for various integration and series test questions. Also, time will be spent on practicing partial fraction decomposition.

NEW! Workshop 5: Best Strategies for Sequences and Series

Students will focus on determining which strategy would be best to analyze a sequence or a series. This is challenging for many students, but the workshop will help students to master which strategy to choose.

MAT 134/136 - Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. and repeated on Fridays from 2-4 p.m. Register here.