UTM / Sheridan College Service

UTM/Sherian Shuttle Update - Strike Relocation

The UTM/Sheridan student shuttle bus will continue to operate.  Please anticipate travel delays.

The bus pick-up/drop-off will be temporarily relocated to the intersection of Trafalgar Road and Sheridan College Road (South side) (link to map). For the duration of the strike impacting public colleges in Ontario (beginning Monday, October 16, 2017), the Shuttle will not cross the picket lines established by striking workers.

Please note that you should attend all UTM classes as normal. Additional information and updates can be found on the  UTM FAQ page as well as the Sheridan College Strike FAQ page.

Posted: October 16, 2017

Sheridan Shuttle Service Information

The U of T Mississauga / Sheridan (Oakville Campus) bus service is for UTM students registered in the joint Art and Art History, Drama and the CCIT programs. The service, however, is open to all UTM students who find the route and schedule convenient

Students are required to produce their U of T Mississauga student TCard for verification each time they board the shuttle. A handheld device is used to verify the student’s eligibility to board.

There is no shuttle service to Sheridan College during University holidays/closures, study break, exams, or during U of T Reading Week.

UTM / Sheridan Schedule

2017-2018 Sheridan Service (Full Schedule) - Tues. September 5 - Mon. December 4, 2017 & Thurs. January 4 - Tues. April 3, 2018

Summer Sheridan Service (Reduced Service) - Monday May 8th to June 19th & Tuesday July 4 to Monday August 17, 2017.

Pick up and Drop off at North Deerfield Hall Layby

Updated- April 27, 2017

Service Announcements

Regular Sheridan shuttle service is available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Summer Sheridan shuttle service is available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

It is the riders responsibility to ensure that they have the most current operating schedule.

No shuttle service currently on Fridays or weekends.

The last three evening return trips from Sheridan at 7:25pm, 8:15pm and 9:10pm ONLY will offer UTM drop offs at both the North Deerfield Hall and Kaneff laybys.

Campus Police offers a Walksafer Program which is a service for UTM community members (including students, employees and visitors) who prefer not to walk alone on campus at night. For additional information please visit the walksafer Program Wesbite here

Please ensure that you arrive at the designated shuttle stop in advance of scheduled departure times.

Please note there is no program distinction between double buses.

Archived Schedules (For reference)

The below archived schedules are for reference purposes only. Subsequent schedules are subject to change or modification as required.

Fall/Winter Sheridan Service (Full Schedule) - Tuesday September 6 - Monday December 5, 2016 & Tuesday January 3 - Monday April 3, 2017.

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