Quality Service to Students

QSS is a council of students and administrators that work toward the improvement of the student experience at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The group normally meets once per month, and its responsibilities include:

  • Offering recommendations regarding the operation and funding of UTM and centralized student services
  • Developing, maintaining, and executing a long-term vision of quality service to UTM students
  • Providing a forum for on-going discussion on the UTM student experience.

Services that are regularly discussed at QSS include:

  • Career Centre
  • Child care support
  • Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness
  • Health & Counselling Centre
  • International Education Centre
  • Centre for Student Engagement
  • Student Shuttle Service

To learn more about QSS and/or suggest issues for discussion, please contact your representative(s) on the council.

Student voting members:

  • U of T Mississauga Student Union (UTMSU) President, Vice-President Part-Time Affairs and 4 other students appointed by UTMSU
  • U of T Mississauga Association of Graduate Students (UTMAGS) President
  • U of T Mississauga Athletic Council (UTMAC) President and 1 other student appointed by UTMAC
  • U of T Mississauga Residence Council President and 1 other undergraduate residence student appointed by Residence Council

Staff voting members:

  • Student Affairs Dean
  • Career Centre Director
  • Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Director
  • Health & Counselling Centre Director
  • Principal of UTM or delegate
  • Chief Administrative Officer or delegate

Reference documents:

Long-Term Protocol on the Increase or Introduction of Compulsory Non-tuition Related Fees

Policy for Compulsory Non-Academic Incidental Fees

Governing Council Boards and Committees (meeting schedule)

Terms of Reference (as revised by QSS on March 17, 2008)