map of 7 UTM photo-taking locations

Picturesque spots on UTM campus to take a photo

Monday, May 30, 2022 - 12:05pm
Angelia Meffe

Whether you are on campus celebrating an academic achievement such as convocation or in the neighborhood visiting the university, there are plenty of picturesque areas at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus to help capture a milestone moment. We have curated a list of outdoor UTM locations perfect for immortalizing that special moment with a selfie, video or snapshot.

Here are seven unique outdoor campus photo locations:

1. U of T Hedges

  • Location: Near the north entrance

  • Best time to visit: daytime, year-round

U of T sign

2. UTM Welcome Sign

  • Location: Outer Circle Road north & middle campus entrance

  • Best time to visit: Afternoon
  • Note: People are not permitted to climb onto the stone signUTM sign


Before entering campus there are two iconic spots to take great photos. If you enter campus from the north entrance you will find a large “U of T” hedge which is maintained all year for any fun seasonal photos. When entering from the middle campus entrance you will pass a massive “University of Toronto Mississauga” stone sign that has been the backdrop of countless community photos.

3. CCT Building North Side

  • Location: Behind the UTM Student Centre
  •  Outdoor walkway (Middle Road) en route to UTM Library

CCT north side

The CCT Building is at the heart of campus and has no bad angles. If you like to capture a long perspective photo, the north side of the building has a lengthy outdoor walkway (also known as Middle Road) that stretches to the UTM Library. If you visit this location in the late afternoon and early evening you could potentially be graced with some wonderful natural lighting.

4. CCT courtyard

  • Location: South Side
  • Best times to visit: Late afternoon & early evening

CCT courtyard

For a more peaceful and private photo location, you can venture to the south outdoor courtyard which is beautifully decorated with mature trees, flowers and UTM’s modern architecture. The courtyard is surrounded by the Communication Culture & Technology Building and the William G. Davis Building. It is a nice outdoor Zen-like location to sit down, relax and reflect. 


5. UTM Library entrance:

  • Location: Middle Road beside UTM Library 
  • Best times to visit: Morning & early afternoon

UTM Library


At the opposite end of the CCT Building walkway is the entrance to the UTM Library. To the right of the entrance is a low stone wall that has University of Toronto Mississauga engraved along the side. After a successful photo shoot, you could sit down and refresh at the Starbucks located inside the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre.

6. Maanjiwe nendamowinan:

  • Location: Front lawn on the south entrance of MN
  • Best time to visit: Anytime

MN building

This Maanjiwe nendamowinan buidling, which is named for an Anishinaabemowin phrase meaning “gathering of minds," is alluring from the inside and out. The beautiful modern architecture along with its ample amount of outdoor space helps to get the right angles for any type of photo. It has a wide variety of outdoor features to diversify your photos such as stone steps, vast lawn space & benches. Aside from being a large hub for the UTM community, MN has served as the set of numerous TV shows and movies. 


7. UTM Watkins Pond & Bridge

  • Location: Beside Paleomagnetism Laboratory on Principal’s Road
  • Best time to visit: Morning & Afternoon

Watkins Pond

If you enter campus from the north entrance and continue down the Outer Circle Road you will come across a small road to the left which leads you down Principal’s Road adjacent to Maanjiwe nendamowinan.  Hidden in a grove of trees beside the Paleomagnetism Laboratory is a small stone bridge known as Watkins Pond and Bridge. The ornamental pond and bridge were built in the late 1920s or early 1930s under the direction of Reginald Watkins, who owned Lislehurst (a three-storey stone house) and much of the property UTM now occupies after he purchased it from the Schreiber family in 1928. This romantic bridge is also a hotspot for local wedding photos, so do not be surprised if you come across a wedding party.


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