2022-23 UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series

Seminars are on Fridays, 1-4pm, unless indicated otherwise. The seminars will be conducted in hybrid mode. In addition to zoom links that will be distributed weekly, the in-person presentation will take place in CDRS in Maanjiwe nendamowinan (MN 3230).


  • Papers start at 1:10pm, Zoom session starts at 1pm
  • Zoom links and advance readings will be circulated one week in advance
  • For all inquiries, please contact Boris Chrubasik (boris.chrubasik@utoronto.ca)

Schedule - Fall 2022

  • Oct. 4: Jan Bremmer (Groningen)Religious Pluralism in the Ancient World: Herodotus, The Roman Republic, and Late Antiquity
  • Oct. 28: Erika Weiberg (North Carolina)TBA
  • Nov. 11: Claire Taylor (Wisconsin)Comparisons: the case of manumission in the ancient Greek world
  • Dec. 2: Alex Meyer (Western): Capturing the Vindolanda Stylus Tablets

Schedule - Winter 2023

  • Feb. 17: Elton Barker (Open): cf.?, or: Forms of Comparison, from Homer to Pausanias
  • Mar. 10: Claire Holleran (Exeter): Origins and Odysseys: Migration in Roman Iberia?
  • Mar. 17: Matt McCarty (UBC): TBA
  • Mar. 31: Mary Bachvarova (Willamette): How to Do Comparative Ancient Mediterranean Literary Studies