2021-22 Fall/Winter - Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Topic Courses

WGS337H5S: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Sex, Gender, and the Environment (K. Bos)

There is an undeniable connection between the health of our bodies and the health of our planet. This course will introduce students to how Indigenous and Black feminisms understand and theorize the connection between sex, gender, and the environment and the long-lasting effects of colonialism on each. Students can expect to explore topics such as gender and climate change, the gendered impacts of resources extraction, and environmental justice. The goal of this course is to provide students with a complex understanding of historic and ongoing colonial, gendered, and environmental violence in Canada.


WGS434H5S: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Gender and Alt-Right Populism on Social Media Platforms (Z. Farokhi)

This course examines the role of digital media and gender in shaping contemporary alt-right movements from and intersectional feminist lens. Looking at contemporary online cultural practices and current events in the landscape of digital media, the course considers how alt-right politics coincide with new technologies of gevernance and communication in a digital age.