RLG370H5 Topics in Buddhism
RLG371H5 Buddhist Thought
RLG373H5 Buddhist Practices and Institutions
RLG374H5 Buddhist Literatures
RLG470H5 Advanced Topics in Buddhism



RLG323H5  Jesus of Nazareth 
RLG324H5 Paul and Earliest Christianity
RLG325H5 Visions and Revelations
RLG326H5 Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism
RLG333H5 Biblical Themes in Modern Literature
RLG340H5 Topics in Christianity
RLG346H5 Early Modern Christianity
RLG349H5 Medieval Christianity
RLG357H5 Contemporary Global Christianity
RLG358H5 Christianity in Late Antiquity: From Persecuted Sect to Imperial Religion
RLG359H5 The Orthodox Church of the Byzantine Empire
RLG382H5 The Divine Comedy: A Spiritual Journey
RLG440H5 Advanced Topics in Christianity
RLG445H5 Making Martyrs: From Socrates to the Suicide Bomber 



RLG303H5 Islam in South Asia
RLG304H5 Islamic Spiritual Traditions
RLG305H5 Islamic Aesthetic Traditions
RLG306H5 Shi’a Islam
RLG350H5 Topics in Islam
RLG351H5 Major Themes in the Study of the Quran 
RLG352H5 Jews and Muslims: The Medieval Encounter
RLG361H5 Encounters Between Indo-Islamic and Hindu Cultures
RLG362H5 Hindu and Muslim Worlds in Modern South Asia
RLG449H5 Islamic Sexualiti
RLG450H5 Advanced Topics in Islam
RLG451Y5 Islamic Literatures
RLG452H5 Anthropology of Islam
RLG453H5 Researching Islam: Entering the World of Scholarly Investigation



RLG313H5  The Literature of Ancient Israel 
RLG315H5  Biblical Wisdom and Poetry 
RLG325H5  Visions and Revelations 
RLG326H5  Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism 
RLG330H5  Topics in Judaism 
RLG430H5 Advanced Topics in Judaism
RLG435H5  The Dead Sea Scrolls 



RLG307H5  Indian Scholasticism 
RLG308H5  Religion in Medieval Indian History 
RLG310H5  The Ramayana 
RLG318H5 Jainism
RLG360H5  Topics in South Asian Religions 
RLG361H5 Encounters Between Indo-Islamic and Hindu Cultures
RLG362H5 Hindu and Muslim Worlds in Modern South Asia
RLG365H5 Mediating Hinduism
RLG460H5 Advanced Topics in South Asian Religions
RLG461H5 Religion and Aesthetics in South Asia
RLG462H5 Sex and Gender in South Asian Religions
RLG463H5 Genealogies of South Asian Religions
RLG464H5 Saints, Royalty, and the State in South Asian Religion



RLG325H5  Visions and Revelations 
RLG347H5  Zoroastrian Religious Writings  
RLG348H5  Zoroastrian Customs and Ceremonies 
RLG381H5  Topics in Zoroastrianism 
RLG382H5 The Divine Comedy: A Spiritual Journey



RLG314H5  Religion and Gender
RLG325H5  Visions and Revelations 
RLG326H5  Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism 
RLG332H5  Reel Religion 
RLG352H5  Jews and Muslims: The Medieval Encounter 
RLG380H5   Topics in Comparative Religions 

Special Topics when taught as: Religion and Violence/The Divine Comedy: A Spiritual  Journey 


Advanced Topics in Religion and the Literary,Visual, and Performing Arts