2020-21 UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series

FRIDAYS, 1-4 p.m. (remote-only) delivery


  • Papers start at 1:10 p.m., Zoom session starts at 1 p.m.
  • Zoom link to be distributed together with summary and focus item one week prior


  • Sept. 25: Jaś Elsner (Oxford): Rome, India, China: Comparison and Meaning in the Relief Sculpture of Late Ancient Eurasia
    [Focus item: The Amarāvatī Buddhapadas]
  • Oct. 9: Mark Griffith (Berkeley): The Gender of Ancient Greek Music
    [Focus item: Aristotle De Anima 2.8.419b4-421a6; Aristotle Politics 8.2.1337b5-8.3.1338a37; 8.5.1339b42-1340b19; 8.7.1341b32-1342a30]
  • Oct. 30: Esther Eidinow (Bristol University): Oracular Failure in Ancient Greek Culture
    [Focus item: Visiting the Oracle: an Immersive Experience (https://oraclevisit.blogs.bristol.ac.uk/)]
  • Nov. 20: Caroline Vout (Cambridge): The New Normal? Bodies Beyond the Classical Body
    [Focus item: Prima Porta Augustus, Commodus as Hercules, the San Marco Tetrarchs, head of Alexander the Great, section of cavalrymen from the Parthenon frieze, Tomb of Darius I, Naqsh-i Rustam]
  • Jan. 15: Ingo Gildenhard (Cambridge): The Extremist Ethics of Cicero's De Officiis
    [Focus item: Passages from the reception history of Cicero’s De Officiis]
  • Feb. 5: Sarah Iles-Johnston (Ohio State University): Theory of Mind and Ancient Greek Religious Experience
  • Feb. 26: Darian Totten (McGill University): Daily LIfe in the Shadow of Late Antique 'Decline': Urban Case Studies for Apulia
    [Focus item: Select archaeological assemblages from the towns of Salapia, Herdonia, and Gnathia]
  • March 19: Ivana Petrovic & Andrej Petrovic (University of Virginia): Hesiod's Religious Norms in Context: On Works and Days 724-760
    [Focus item: Hesiod Works and Days 724-760]

With special thanks to the Dean's Office, University of Toronto Mississauga