GGR437H5 Advanced Remote Sensing

GGR437 Course Desciption

Course Description

This course builds on the fundamental remote sensing concepts, techniques, and applications introduced in GGR 337 and aims to provide an advanced study of digital image processing and remote sensing applications. Topics include image pre-processing and calibration, spectral data transformation, image enhancement, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, hyperspectral image analysis and change detection. Students will apply these advanced remote-sensing techniques in practical lab exercises and a term project.

Credits: Science, Experiential Learning

Lecture hours: 24

Practicum hours: 24

Prerequisite: 14.0 credits including GGR337H5 or permission of instructor

Remote sensing is a form of digital mapping technology. Kind of like Google Earth, but better.

Dr. Yuhong He

Core Skills Developed

  • atmospheric correction
  • image processing
  • classification
  • hyperspectral processing