GGR288H5 World Fresh Water Resources

GGR288 Course Desciption

Course Description

World geography of freshwater resources. Ethics and international principles of human water rights. Uses and abuses of accessible freshwater stocks and wastewater. Case studies of ground water, lakes and rivers (focus: Great Lakes; international watersheds), dams and diversions, water reclamation and reuse. Issues of water quality and quantity for health, and for food production.

Credits: Social Science

Lecture hours: 24

Exclusion: GGR334H1

Prerequisite: 4.0 credits

Core Skills Developed

  • knowledge of global freshwater issues, including water supply and availability, human impacts on water supply and quality, socio-economic issues and sustainability
  • understanding of where to place freshwater issues within a broader context of society and economy
  • ability to analyze the importance of freshwater to human development
  • critical analysis and interpretation of data