GGR207H5 Cities, Urbanization and Development

GGR207 Course Desciption

Course Description

This course will introduce students to global urban processes, urban form, housingĀ and the history of urban development. A particular emphasis will be placed on global urbanization, internal spatial and social structure of cities, as well as past and contemporary urban problems. Discussed are the processes and policies fuelling urban growth and decline, uneven urban development, neighbourhood dynamics, shifts in urban form and lifestyle, and urban resource use and environmental degradation. The course acts as the main entry point to advanced-level study of urban geography and urban planning at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

Credits: Social Science

Lecture hours: 36

Tutorial hours: 12

Exclusion: GGR124H1, combination of any of the following two: GGRA03H3, GGRB05H3, GGRC10H3

Prerequisite: 4.0 credits

Core Skills Developed

  • understanding the processes fuelling urbanization, uneven development, and global urban change
  • analysis of real-world data related to cities and urban development at different scales
  • application and communication of critical geographic perspectives related to the study of urban issues