GGR202H5 Geography of Canada

GGR207 Course Desciption

Course Description

Canada continues to be one of the world's great storehouses of basic resources: fish, wood, minerals, grains, livestock, water, recreational space and more. Human impact, to the point of extinction, has varied across the country. The geography of regional change in Canada, over several centuries, is basic to this social science course.

Credits: Social Science

Lecture hours: 24

Exclusion: GGR228Y5 or GGR246H1

Prerequisite: 4.0 credits

Core Skills Developed

  • applying knowledge of the historical geographies of Canada to contextualize contemporary debates
  • expressing an informed opinion on controversial topics using geographic insights
  • examining your own role in shaping the geographies of Canada
  • research and communication, including critical reading, effective writing and interpersonal communication