Lisa Neighbour

Studio Art (Print Media) 
visual artist (A.O.C.A. Ontario College of Art, MFA candidate York Univeristy)


Lisa Neighbour lives and works in Toronto. Her interests range from printmaking and mixed-media works to installation, sculpture, electricity, knots, and water dowsing. Neighbour actively exhibits with Persona Volare, a collective of Toronto-based installation and media artists. Recent exhibitions include the following: Dalgas Underground (1996) Copenhagen, Denmark; Rococo Tattoo (1997) The Power Plant in Toronto; Illuminations (2001) Saidye Bronfman Centre des Arts, Montreal; Home Show (2002) Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg; Canadian Club (2005) Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris; D-Lux (2006) Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto; hic (2006), Installations and Interventions at Hart House, Toronto; Night School, Hart House Nuit Blanche (2007), Toronto; Love/Hate (2007), Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto; I’m just going home like a shooting star (2008), Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto.

Approach to Teaching

My approach to teaching begins with the awareness that my students are not a homogenous group, or a blank slate waiting to be inscribed with knowledge. I'm interested building on their individuality to develop the creative, technical and intellectual tools that they will need to be self-sufficient artists when they graduate. My role as a teacher is to create an environment where students are invited to learn, and where information is provided in as many forms as possible. I respect my students, and I promote an atmosphere of trust, mutual support and critical analysis. I find that students learn as much from each other as they do from their teachers. A single interaction (teacher to students) may be replaced with hundreds of interactions, each one leading to more possibilities. If I can facilitate and extend this learning environment, then I feel that my role in the process has been successful.