Financial Resources


We have put together a group of documents for the Academic and Administrative Department Financial Co-Ordinators/Managers.

If you have any questions regarding the documents listed below please contact your department’s Financial Officer in Financial and Budget Services. We hope you find the information helpful.


Important Dates


Account Reconciliation Tips

Monthly Reconciliations

Finding CC/IO, CFC mismatched postings


Advertising and Search Cost Recovery  *updated Jan 2017

Search Costs Journal Entry

Advertising and Search Cost


Forecast Materials

Forecast Instructions  (updated Feb 2017)

Forecast Template      (updated Jan 2017)


Other Templates

Sessional Lecturer Funding Requests

Maternity/Parental Leaves

Phased Retirement

Sick Leave Benefits Calculation 


UTM CRC Presentation


Paying Faculty Secondments

UTFA Release Funds

Jackman Humanities Institute Faculty Research Fellowships - Department Funds

Year End 2018

Cash Deposit Year End Memo


Resource Links

SAP and Excel

Using Excel with SAP

SAP  Office Integration (activate)


University of Toronto & UTM Official Policies & Procedures


Administrative Accountability

Accountability Policy

Administrative Accountability Report Forms



FIS Documentation and Support

FIS Glossary

FAST Tips Newsletters Archive


AMS Access

Planned System Downtimes

AMS Listserv

Reset AMS password



FIS Training Calendar

FIS Training Materials