Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate Credit Cards

1. Purchasing Card (MasterCard):

Departments may find it convenient to pay for expenses authorized for University business by means of a purchasing charge card, rather than other methods of payment such as accounts payable cheque (i.e. purchase order invoices, certified invoices, payments without invoices processed through FIS), petty cash, or imprest expenditure bank account.

A purchasing card is issued to an individual in the name of the department. Charges are paid directly by the University on a monthly basis. There are some restrictions on the type of expenditure for which a purchasing card may be used. It cannot be used for:

•Expenses greater than $5,000

•Travel expenses (use the Travel Card instead - see below)

•Other expenses where specific instructions or exemptions are required on a purchase order


All applications, change forms or questions should be directed to UTM Procurement, at


Relevant Links

Purchasing Card Policy

Purchase Card Request & Change Form


2. Travel Card (American Express):

The AMEX Travel Card is available to full-time employees upon approval of the Principal, Dean, Academic Director or Chair (or higher). The Card holder is liable for all payments to Amex Bank of Canada including late payment charges. An expense reimbursement claim (link to form) should be submitted once the travel has been completed.


The travel card arrangement with American Express allows 45 days from statement due date to settle an account before interest charge are levied, providing ample time to process a reimbursement request. This is the most cost effective method of financing University travel.


To apply, make changes, report problems or to cancel please visit

If your problem is of an urgent nature please contact Rob Ifedi Client Relations Coordinator at or 416-978-3219.