eCommerce Payment Solution FAQ’s



What is eCommerce?                              
     eCommerce is a secure payment solution that processes online credit card payments.

What Credit Cards are accepted?
  VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card

Is Interac/Debit accepted?
  No, only Credit Cards (VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card) are  accepted.

What types of Sales are accepted?
  Items associated with a set fee/price, e.g., $300 for Conference Registration, $25 for a product or service.

What types of Sales are not accepted?
  Items that will not be accepted include, but are not limited to, student course ancillary fees, course application fee and continual/large volume items.

Why would I register to use this eCommerce system rather than obtaining my own?        If the volume is low or if the department only occasionally requires an eCommerce payment solution,  it can be quite costly to have a single department online payment system. There are account set up and fixed monthly costs associated with this type of an account, in addition to the standard percentage of sales charge. By using this service ,the department will only be charged the stated percentage of sales charge.

What are the benefits to having an eCommerce account?
 Reduced risk associated with the handling of cash or cheques. 

Who supports this platform if something should go wrong?
 The eCommerce administrator in Financial Information and Processing Support (FIPS) supports the actual payment solution system while Information & Instructional Technology Services (I&ITS) will support and assist with any web page issues.

Is there a minimum dollar amount necessary for a payment to be processed on-line?
  No minimum dollar requirement has been set at this time.

Where can I get more information or ask questions about this service?
For more information please contact the administrator in FIPS at ecommerce.utm@utoronto.ca


Account Set-Up

Who can request access to this service?
UTM Departments that require a short term on-line payment solution for their customers.

Who administers the information and processes Department deposits?
  An Administrator from FIPS will monitor the information collected through the payment process relating to Credit Card payments and will process the deposit to FIS accounts.

How do I obtain access to this service?
  To obtain access to this service, an eCommerce registration form must be completed and submitted to ecommerce.utm@utoronto.ca for approval.

Why do I have to file a registration form with FIPS?
  The registration form provides information necessary for FIPS to monitor and record sales to the department's FIS revenue accounts.  Information requested includes but is not limited to: Department, Department Contact information, FIS Account Numbers, Event Name, Event date, Registration dates.

How will I know if my event has been registered?
  After receipt of the  completed registration form the department will be notified via email whether the request has been approved. If approved, the department can work with I&ITS to set up the web site for the product, including the link to the eCommerce payment solution.

How will I know when an item has been purchased and by whom?
  The person responsible for the product/event will receive a system generated email advising them of the sale. They will also be given access to an on-line reporting system where they will find the details of the products purchased, conference registrations, etc., with the names and mailing information associated with customers.

Can I have more than one event available at the same time?
  Yes. Each event will need to have a separate registration form.

Why do I need to send a separate registration form for each item I wish to offer on the internet?
  Each item has its own FIS account numbers associated with it, a custom availability start and end date, and provides the administrator with additional information about the sales that can be included on the document when entered into FIS. 

Should I use a Conference Account?
  When a University department organizes a conference (including colloquia and workshops), it may be appropriate to segregate the income and expenses for the conference from the department's operating accounts.  Please click here for further information on Conference Accounts.

FIS Deposit processing

How do the sales get recorded in FIS?
  The eCommerce administrator from FIPS will be monitoring the sales activity, preparing the Direct Deposit and posting the revenues into the assigned FIS accounts (from the registration form) for the approved credit card transactions.

How can I tell if the sales recorded on the deposit are correct?
  On-line access will be authorized for the person in the department associated with the account so that he/she may produce reports to verify the deposits recorded and gather any other information relating to the sale.


Can a refund be issued?
  Refunds are issued by the eCommerce administrator at FIPS.  The department completes the Refund Form and emails it to the eCommerce administrator at FIPS.

Why can I not issue the refund myself?
  Refunds can only be issued directly through the credit card service provider and only the account administrator has access to this system.

Administration Fee

Is there a fee associated with using this service?
  A 3% fee on sales will be charged. This is to cover the fee charged by the service provider for use of credit cards. This fee will only be charged to a department when that department has sale activity through the system. This fee will be reviewed and updated from time to time. Any change in this fee will be communicated to current customers prior to the change and will be announced on the web site. There is no initial set-up fee to create an account for the department on the eCommerce system.

Is there a fee to set up the webpage where the items will be sold?
  The web page will be set up with consultation with I&ITS, any fee chargeable will need to be set and discussed with the I&ITS representative.


Please email ecommerce.utm@utoronto.ca with any questions or concerns.