Budget, Planning and Finance acts as a central coordinating department to:

  • Supply CIBC books for direct deposits
  • Assist with banking questions and act as liaison with Financial Services, St. George
  • Assist with banking arrangements for POS merchant or subordinate bank accounts

Relevant Links and Information

University of Toronto policies and procedures with respect to the handling of Cash, Other Receipts and Banking, and Objective and Responsibilities for Cash and Banking and should be reviewed prior to handling cash receipts.

UTM Cash Deposit Forms

U of T Mississauga has a number of departments that have their own Subordinate Bank Account.

Departments that have their own  Subordinate Bank Accounts will use the UTM Direct Deposit FIS report, complete the CIBC deposit form and deliver a completed sealed deposit to the UTM Cashier drop safe located in the Davis Building on the 2nd floor and is responsible for forwarding a copy of the FIS report complete with document number to the UT Cashier at 215 Huron Street, 2nd Floor for clearing and reconciliation.


All other departments will complete the UTM Internal Deposit FIS report and place this, posted complete with document number, report  and currency in a sealed interoffice envelope and deposit into the UTM Cashier drop safe for consolidation into a campus CIBC deposit.


US Dollar deposits are to be completed as “Internal deposits” and dropped off with the UTM Cashier for deposit using the UTM USD Internal Deposit FIS report.

All other currencies are to be treated as “Internal deposits” and dropped off with the UTM Cashier for deposit using the UTM Internal Deposit FIS report. These deposits are not to be posted into FIS prior to forwarding to the cashier, they will be posted to your account by Business Services after being transported to the bank and having the currency exchange applied to the deposit.

If you do not posess a key for the drop safe, you may borrow the key from the Campus Police and return immediately after use.