Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs)

Collaborate and Study in a Peer Community

Since 2003, the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre has offered Peer Facilitated Study Groups, in collaboration with faculty and students, with the purpose of enhancing the student learning experience at UTM. The first of their kind at the University of Toronto, the Peer Facilitated Study Groups are based on the Supplemental Instruction model developed by the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

The study groups give students in participating courses, the opportunity to study discipline-related material in an organized, regularly-scheduled format. The study groups practice skills such as:

"To me, facilitation is a powerful educational tool that enables the student to generate their own knowledge by critically thinking of concepts, rather than memorizing off their textbook or lecture notes. - Previous FSG facilitator.
  • comparing and reviewing study notes;
  • discussing and clarifying concepts with peers;
  • developing and evaluating study strategies;
  • preparing for tests and exams 

Any student is free to join any study group in courses connected to the Peer Facilitated Study Group program, and they may attend as often as they want.

RGASC respects your privacy. If you plan to attend a Facilitated Study Group, you must read the important information in our FSG Privacy Policy.

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    For more information on FSGs, please contact us at academicskills.utm@utoronto.ca.