Community Engagement

At the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), volunteerism and service-learning activities are some of the best ways you can invest in your growth and development as a whole person! 

Engaging with the community lets you develop tangible skills, introduces you to new people, and creates opportunities to explore global perspectives and human difference.  Giving back through volunteering and service can also be a great way of enhancing your connectedness within your community and contributes to your personal sense of satisfaction and happiness.

At UTM, volunteer and service-learning activities contribute immensely to our campus’ vibrancy, making it an exciting and rewarding place to study.

Other community engagement experiences offered by the University of Toronto include:

St. George Campus, Centre for Community Partnerships
If you want to find a service-learning experience in Toronto. Check out the offerings from the Centre for Community Partnerships.

UTM Residence Students
If you live in residence at UTM you can participate in an Alternative Reading Week called Energy Exchange.