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The Centre for Student Engagement (CSE) has many exciting positions available for the summer and fall/winter academic year 2018/2019.  

Applying for a position within Centre for Student Engagement is a fantastic way to get involved on campus and enhance your student experience! 

We're looking for enthusiastic, passionate, and innovative student leaders who are interested in helping UTM students be more engaged on campus. 

Apply by February 3rd 2018!

Visit CLN to view all postings! Search via the Job IDs for the positions below: 

Summer 2018 + Fall/ Winter 2018-2019

- Student Engagement Program Assistant, Civic and Community Engagement (Job ID 111744)

- Student Engagement Program Assistant, Communications (Job ID 112002)

- Student Engagement Program Assistant, Student Organizations and CCR (Job ID 111999)

- Student Engagement Program Assistant, Leadership and Learning (Job ID 111997)

Fall/Winter 2018-19

- Community Engagement Activity Assistant (Job ID 111741)

- Communications Assistant (Job ID 112013)

- Peer Leadership Coach (Job ID 112008)

- Co-Curricular Activity Assistant (Job ID 112006)

- Student Organizations Activity Assistant (Job ID 112003) 

If you have any questions, please contact: