Program Entry Requirements

This page provides important information about program entry and course requirements. If you have any questions, or if you would like one-on-one academic advising, please contact the Sociology Academic Counsellor.


Program Entry 

All programs offered by the Department of Sociology are Type 3, which means:

  • There is limited space.
  • There are specific entry requirements.
  • The CGPA required for entry is determined annually (see below).
  • You request the program on ACORN during the program request periods.  
  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.


2024 CGPA Requirements 

Criminology, Law & Society Specialist - 2.70

Sociology Specialist - 2.70

Criminology, Law & Society Major - 2.10

Sociology Major - 2.10

Sociology Minor - 2.00


Program Entry Requirements



Starting in 2024, students applying to Criminology, Law & Society and Sociology majors and specialists will need to have completed ISP100H5 as part of the program entry requirements.  


  • Students considering an intensive program of study in either Criminology, Law & Society (CLS) or Sociology should request the specialist program after second year (completion of 8.0 credits); however, you must be enrolled in the related major in order to request a specialist subject POSt. 


  • The department will accept SOC209H5 in lieu of SOC109H5. Students who have completed SOC209H5 may not take SOC109H5, as these are exclusions and enrolment will result in removal from the course.

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Program Requirements

If you are a current student, we recommend you use Degree Explorer to review the program completion requirements (specific to your program entry year) and monitor your progress.

If you enter a program later than usual, please allow sufficient time for its completion; program/course requirements will not be waived.

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Program Combination Restrictions

Certain program combinations are not permitted, for example:

  • A Criminology, Law & Society specialist and a Criminology, Law & Society major.
  • A Sociology major and a Sociology minor.

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Course Restrictions

Students are not permitted to take any of the following courses elsewhere, for the purposes of program requirements or program entry:

  • SOC100H5 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC109H5 Introduction to Criminology, Law & Society
  • SOC205H5 Theories in Criminology
  • SOC221H5 The Logic of Social Inquiry
  • SOC222H5 Measuring the Social World
  • SOC231H5 Classical Sociological Theory
  • SOC350H5 Quantitative Analysis
  • SOC387H5 Qualitative Analysis

If you take any of the above noted courses elsewhere, it will not apply to your Sociology or Criminology, Law & Society program(s). Such students may take the course with the UTM Department of Sociology subsequently in order to satisfy program completion requirements; however, this "extra course" will appear on official transcripts with the notation "EXT".

(Special consideration may be given to new students who are assessed for transfer credit upon admission to UTM.)

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Taking Courses at Another U of T Campus

You must check with the Sociology Academic Counsellor before enrolling in a course at another U of T campus in order to determine whether the course may be applied towards your Sociology or Criminology, Law & Society program(s).

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