SOC401H5 Doing Public Sociology

In this seminar course, students learn to communicate insights based in sociological research to a broader audience, beyond the university. Student design and execute projects (essays, creating a podcast or video, and/or public speaking) on sociological topics of their choosing related to law and/or crime. The course also provides students with guidance on how to locate sociological research through library resources and how to incorporate that research into their public sociology projects.

Priority may be given to Criminology, Law and Society students.

Exclusion: SOC456H5 Senior Seminar in Law and Society: How to Communicate about Law to Different Audiences (Winter 2018)

Prerequisite: SOC209H5 and (SOC205H5 or SOC231H5) and SOC221H5 and SOC222H5 and 0.5 SOC credit at the 300 level and 4th Year Standing and permission of instructor