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The Department of Sociology offers Specialist, Major and Minor programs in Sociology, and Specialist and Major programs in Criminology, Law & Society. 

Enrolment is limited and each program has specific eligibility requirements, which students must meet in order to be considered for admission. Please note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee program entry.



Sociology is the systematic study of the social world. Our programs provide in-depth knowledge of facts, concepts and theories specific to topics within sociology, such as health and disability, global inequality, social class, sexuality and gender, race and ethnicity, culture, crime and deviance, immigration, and power and politics. 

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Criminology, Law & Society

The Criminology, Law & Society programs take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and explaining law, crime and criminal justice. This permits students to use select courses in Anthropology, Forensic Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, and Women and Gender Studies to satisfy program requirements. 

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The Timetable outlines the courses offered in the current academic session and the Academic Calendar lists of all our courses.


Examples of student course work: