UTM Going Smoke-Free

Dual no cigarette and vaping signThe University of Toronto is going smoke-free. U of T’s new smoke-free policy prohibits smoking and vaping tobacco, cannabis and other products on all U of T property, including in vehicles.

The new policy implemented on all three U of T campuses ensures that students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors and the surrounding community, enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

During a transition period, UTM will be launching Designated Smoking Areas

The university has launched a website that answers questions about the new policy and provides links to resources.

UTM works with TerraCycle to recycle waste from outdoor cigarette butt collectors on campus. TerraCycle separates the components, then composts the residual tobacco and paper, and cleans, melts and pelletizes the filters (typically made with plastic) for recycling. Please dispose of your litter in the receptacles provided to keep our campus clean and wildlife safe.