Accessibility Resources


Webaim WAVE tool

Wave | Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

  • Useful for getting a rough idea of the accessibility level of your site.
  • Subject to similar problems as those identified with aChecker.

Contrast checkers colour contrast checker

Juicy Studio: Luminosity and contrast checker

WebAIM: Contrast checker

  • Check the contrast between foreground and background colours.

Colour Contrast Checker - TPGi


Amara Video Subtitling Tool

  • Tool for creating captions for YouTube video.


CapScribe 2: Captioning for video files

  • Tool for creating captions for video files.


Other Resources

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Office

University Office for AODA questions and concerns.

AODA Office | University of Toronto

Council of Ontario Universities: Accessible Campus

Explains the responsibility of accessible websites in plain terms.

W3C - Understanding WCAG 2.0

Provides a breakdown of each of the criteria for all three levels (A, AA, AAA).

Adobe Accessibility

Demos of creating accessible PDF files.

Adobe Accessibility

Create and verify PDF accessibility (Acrobat Pro)

Accessibility in Office 365

Shows how to check the accessibility of your Office documents.

Improve accessibility with the Accessibility Checker