Karen Woodall

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Karen Woodall worked as a Forensic Toxicologist at the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto for 20 years before joining the University of Toronto. As a forensic toxicologist, she regularly testifies in court as an expert witness in many different types of trials including drug trafficking, homicide, sexual assault and impaired driving cases. Karen is also a member of the Canadian Drugs and Driving committee which acts as an advisory body to the Department of Justice with respect to issues of drug impaired driving. 


Toxicology and the opioid crisis, the role of drugs in motor vehicle fatalities and oral fluid drug testing equipment.


Current Courses
FSC271: Ethics & Professionalism in Forensic Science; FSC330: Best Practices in Forensic Sciences; FSC370: Forensic Psychopharmacology; FSC371: The Science of Cannabis; FSC402: Forensic Toxicology.