VCC207H5S - Urban Sites & Sounds. Taught by world-renowned artist and curator Dr. Christof Migone, this course introduces students to histories and theories of urban spaces emphasizing a critical examination of the modern cosmopolitan city. Through the close reading of a panoply of materials (readings, audio, video, photographs, field case studies) the course will focus on the rich intersections suggested by the following key terms: the flâneur, the everyday, dérive, psychogeography, walking and mapping. As a result, students will start to develop an informed and sophisticated language to discuss their urban condition.

Dr. Migone's Teaching Philosophy

"I approach the classroom as a highly charged space where a blend of sensitivity and activism is required of the teacher. Within this space of engagement, I strive to communicate with an inquiring passion in order to solicit reciprocal interest from the student. These concepts translate into a method of presentation which seeks to simultaneously practice and theorize, delineate and blur. The ethos is to integrate the theoretical and critical with the practical and experiential. The intent is to present ideas, concepts, practices with a mulitplicity of interpretations and with a multitude of tangents explored. The goal is to generate critical, conceptual, and creative skills."

Dr. Migone on his role as a Teacher

"I take my role as a teacher as an opportunity to animate, activate and coordinate collective investigations, skills acquisition, generative discussions, creative projects and reflective analysis. I consider teaching as an integral component of my ongoing pursuits, it is inextricably entwined with my scholarship and both my curatorial and artistic practices."

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