Steve Mazza

Technologist, Sculpture
Steve Mazza is an artist and maker who creates a lot of things that can be classified as sculpture. His work incorporates a variety of materials and techniques both contemporary and historical, ranging from traditional wood carving and ceramic sculpture to electronics, computer-assisted design, sculpture, and fabrication. This multidisciplinary process was directly informed by his experiences as a student of the Art and Art History Program (many, MANY years ago). Thematically, his work explores the relationship between the fantastic and mundane through the practice of handmade and computer-assisted art and how those intersections define both the creative process and human experience.  

In addition to his personal art practice, Stephen has had a long career as a prop maker and scenic painter in the theatrical and commercial art industries. For the last six years, he has had the opportunity to share that professional experience with the students of Sheridan College’s Technical Production for the Performing Arts program as the Head of Props for Theatre Sheridan. In that capacity, Stephen was the proud recipient of Sheridan College’s Transformative Teaching Award for 2020.