Paul Kipps headshot

Paul Kipps (1948-2014)

Professor Emerita

Studio Art (Sculpture, Drawing) 
visual artist (B.A., University of Western Ontario)

Outline of Research

The sculptural work I have done is driven by my interest in alienation shaped by the often exclusive nature of cultural background, place, age, gender, or class. In order to explore these concerns, I have employed sound, photography, and three-dimensional constructions.


Paul Kipps has taught for many years; additionally, he has worked as a curator and has maintained his own artistic practice. Kipps has exhibited in both Canada and Europe, and has collaborated with his partner Colette Whiten on a number of public commissions across Canada.

Approach to Teaching

It is my intention as a teacher to empower the student. By aiding students in developing skill sets - in both practical and conceptual terms - it is my aim to promote individual awareness as well as to foster the student's ability to question their own time. I also teach the requisite skills to manifest that question in an appropriate material conveyance.