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Louise Noguchi

Sculpture, Drawing, Photography


Outline of Research

Throughout the development of my work, I have dealt with the concept of the artist as hunter. This theme first emerged when I began to question the role of the artist in a broad cultural setting as well as the artist's possible motivations. In some of my earlier work, my investigations led me to explore ideas of violence and transgression associated with the primitive hunt. I continue to combine these ideas and have extended my examination of the artist to situations that exist within contemporary culture.


Louise Noguchi was born in Toronto, and has been active in the Toronto art community since 1981. Her work has been included in solo and group exhibitions across Canada and internationally. A selection of these exhibitions follows: "Das zweite Gesicht", Deutsches Museum, Munich (2002); "Track Records," Oakville Galleries, Oakville, and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa (1997-1999); "Modus Operandi," Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, and the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan (1996); and, "Louise Noguchi Selected Works: 1982 - 1985," The Power Plant, Toronto (1989).

Approach to Teaching

"...the strongest artists have their why before they have their how. It is about having one's why and realizing that everyone else's how won't do; and the continuing search for a personal how that directly answers and relates to this why." -J. Kosuth

My main objective in teaching is to encourage and support students to understand their own direction and interests and to provide them with the critical thinking skills that will assist and prepare them for a career in art. I encourage students to take a personal direction in their work in order to understand what motivates them to create work and to have the confidence to draw on their own experience and circumstance.

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