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  • Maria Hupfield headshot

    Maria Hupfield: Reimagining Research & Roots

    Professor Maria Hupfield talks about the power and impact of art... and how youth have the potential to reinvigorate ideas and perspectives.

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  • Kajri Jain headshot

    Kajri Jain: On art, religion, business, and the work of the imagination

    Professor Kajri Jain talks about art, art history, and the importance of Art and imagination in research, but also in today’s world.

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  • John Ricco headshot

    John Ricco: The value of Art and times of social upheaval

    Professor John Paul Ricco talks about his art and art history research, and also about how past health crises have shaped art movements.

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  • Evonne Levy headshot

    Evonne Levy: Baroque, Bernini, and Art History

    Professor Evonne Levy discusses her varied interests in art and in her discipline of art history and how she was drawn to the field.

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