2022-23 IMI BIGDataAIHUB Seminar Series


2022-23 IMI BIGDataAIHUB Seminar Series. Open to everyone


Open to everyone, the IMI BIGDataAIHUB Seminar Series is designed as a learning and developmental opportunity to gain knowledge and hands-on exposure to big data and artificial intelligence.


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About the 2022-23 Seminar Series

The IMI BIGDataAIHUB Seminar Series covers a range of topics related to big data and artificial intelligence. Students, staff, faculty, alumni and members of the broader community are welcome! 

Seminars are offered from November until March and can be found listed below.  Seminars are typically offered remotely via Zoom. Occasional sessions may be offered in person.


Students will have their participation added to their Co-Curricular Record (CCR).


Members of CPA Ontario may receive CPD credits for attending the seminar. Please email claire.westgate@utoronto.ca for more information.


Seminar Series Details

Date: November 2022 - March 2023


Location: Virtual (unless otherwise noted)


Entry is FREE and open to everyone


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2022-2023 Seminar Series Schedule & Registration

Registration for the IMI BIGDataAIHUB Seminar Series is open to anyone that would like to attend.  No prior knowledge is required.


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A CPA who can do accurate sales forecasts and budgets is indispensable.   Past sales data is only half of what you need as the past alone does not predict the future.  You will need to add leading indicators to your forecast.   How to pick and measure the right leading indicators is pure science, and can be verified and measured.  This talk will teach you how A.I. and machine learning can better help you find and measure those leading indicators.



About the Presenter 

Erin Kelly Headshot


Erin Kelly is a chartered professional accountant and the CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc. a company that uses AI to properly sample populations for human behaviour research and forecasting. Their patented AI, "Polly", is leading choice in consumer and medical research. Erin is frequently called on by national and international media for her insights into AI and its future impacts on society.




Date: November 29, 2022

Time: 2:00 PM

Presented by: Erin Kelly, CPA: CEO, Advanced Symbolics Inc.


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Learn more about resources to help with your big data and artificial intelligence projects.  As a Carpentries Instructor, I will give insights and an overview of the Data Carpentries and Software Carpentries workshops that offer lessons in Python, R, Git, OpenRefine, Data Cleaning, Data Management, and including how and when to sign up for workshops.  Additionally, learn about resources available to you at the U of T Library system.



 About the Presenter 

Michael Serafin Headshot


Mike Serafin is a Library Technologies and Liaison Librarian.  He is responsible for the technology that is used in the library by students, staff, and librarians.  He also supports the library's online presence including the main library website as well as other library web tools, both internal and external. You can find Mike teaching Library 101 and Library 501 workshops in coding, Unix shell, Git, and privacy & security.  Mike’s research interests include topics like digital making, makerspaces in academic settings for research and teaching, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.  A recent research project involves examining experiences of non-expert students as they learned about artificial intelligence and its intersection with topics like healthcare, privacy, bias, arts & culture.



Date: December 7, 2022

Time: 3:00 PM

Presented by: Michael Serafin, Library Technologies and Liaison Librarian, UTM


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As organizations undertake their digital transformation journeys, they need to put in place appropriate governance guardrails. Michel Girard’s presentation introduces the concept of data value chains including data collection; access and analytics. It then looks at systems and controls that should be considered to facilitate data sharing and reuse while respecting ethical norms and regulatory/ contractual obligations.  Concepts such as digital transformation strategies, digital governance policies and data comptrollership will be covered in the presentation



  About the Presenter 

Michel Girard Headshot


Michel Girard is a senior fellow at CIGI, where he contributes expertise in the area of standards for big data and artificial intelligence (AI). His research strives to drive dialogue on what standards are, why they matter in these emerging sectors of the economy, and how to incorporate them into regulatory and procurement frameworks. He highlights issues that should be examined in the design of new technical standards governing big data and AI in order to spur innovation while also respecting privacy, security and ethical considerations.

Date: January 25, 2023

Time: 4:00 PM

Presented by: Michel Girard, CIGI


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Organizations want real-time and trusted data to support their critical business operations and generated AI powered insights. In this session, we will discuss how IBM is helping clients with their digital transformation initiatives with the power of data & AI providing tangible business outcomes. We will discuss Canadian client case studies on how we are transforming legacy data systems into modern Hybrid Cloud Data Fabrics and embed ethical principles into AI applications to build systems based on trust and transparency.



  About the Presenter 

Ashek Mahmood Headshot


Ashek is leading IBM Consulting Practices focusing on emerging technology led business transformation such as Data, AI & Analytics, IoT Edge, Automation, and Blockchain. He has founded practices from ground up to 100+ consultants, triple digit annual revenue growth ($50-100M / year) and implemented first-of-a-kind digital transformation at scales across Industrial, Transportation, Financial Services, and Public sector domains.  Ashek is recipient for 3 patents in the area of AI Computer Vision, 3D Object Detection, and Industrial IoT Operations. He is an advisory council member for multiple global tech startups and innovation incubators with utmost passion for future skills, inclusive culture, and ecosystem development.

Date: January 31, 2023

Time: 4:00 PM

Presented by: Ashek Mahmood; Lead Partner, Data, AI & Analytics, Edge IoT, Automation, Blockchain, IBM


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More than just a buzzword, Hybrid Cloud is the reality for business today and in the future.  In this session we will explain what Hybrid Cloud is and why it is a foundational capability for Big Data and AI.  Using real-life examples from Canadian projects we will discuss benefits, best practices, skills required and the future evolution of hybrid cloud.



  About the Presenters

Mark Dymond Headshot



Mark Dymond

Mark believes that the art and science of good partnership lies in the time we take to truly understand each client’s business goals, so that we can build them the teams, systems, software and business practices that will take them where they want to go.   Mark derives deep satisfaction from building and leading top calibre teams that integrate the best of business and technical expertise; from putting in place the project management and technical support best practices so that the solution not only gets delivered on time, on scope, and on budget, but continues to meet client business needs over the long term. His expertise is in: Leading large IT and business transformations; Managing application teams  and Leading and growing people

Cynthia Unwin



Cynthia Unwin

Experienced Solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services industry. Skilled in providing highly supportable solutions to diverse problems and overcoming operational challenges with innovative solutions.



Date: February 9, 2023

Time: 4:00 PM

Presented by: Mark Dymond, Senior Partner & Canada Leader, Hybrid Cloud Services, IBM Consulting;

Cynthia Unwin, Executive Architect, Hybrid Cloud and Site Reliability Engineering


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The way we leverage big data and AI continues to reshape the way work is done across all industries, and cybersecurity is no exception. Whether it be in threat prevention, hacker identification, or post-facto damage analysis, big data and machine learning techniques are becoming increasingly popular and pervasive in the ways cybersecurity and legal professionals approach tackling cyber incidents. In this seminar, join BLG’s Shane Morganstein (Associate, Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Protection group) as he shares stories from the cybersecurity war room, and insights into how big data, machine learning, and AI are helping to transform how organizations respond to increasingly complex cyber incidents.



  About the Presenter 

Shane Morganstein Headshot


Shane practices in the corporate commercial group, with a focus on privacy, cybersecurity, and mergers and acquisitions.  Shane is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/C) who regularly advises clients in the public and private sectors on a wide variety of corporate and privacy matters, including in incident response and breach coaching, technology and SaaS contracting, and privacy considerations during corporate transactions.

Date: February 16, 2023

Time: 3:00 PM

Presented by: Shane Morganstein, Associate, BLG


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New advancements in technology constantly challenge the area of intellectual property law, including the onset of rights in digital assets like software and data. It is critical to ensure that intellectual property is properly protected, not only does it help a business stand out from a competitor, but it is no secret that many early-stage companies show strength with a well-managed IP portfolio, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyright. Join us for this interactive seminar co-presented by LaBarge Weinstein LLP’s Kyle Lavender, partner in the firm’s corporate group, and Laura Crimi, an associate in the firm’s technology group, where they will share their first-hand experience advising early-stage technology companies on the ins-and-outs of protecting intangible assets and navigating day-to-day corporate needs.


Members of CPA Ontario may receive CPD credits for attending the seminar



  About the Presenter 

Laura Crimi Headshot


Laura is an associate lawyer with the firm’s Technology & Intellectual Property Group. Her practice is focused on intellectual property, technology contracting, privacy and commercial matters.  Prior to attending law school, Laura obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree focused on the implementation of pharmacogenomic medicine into clinical practice. During law school, Laura completed an internship at the World Health Organization under legal counsel for the world’s first global health treaty and graduated with a concentration in Intellectual Property, Information and Technology Law.

Date: March 1, 2023

Time: 4:00 PM

Presented by: Laura Crimi & Kyle Lavender, LaBarge Weinstein LLP


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Description: Please note that while this was originally a technical workshop for the Case Competition, it has now been moved to the Seminar Series for March 13, 2023.

An accessible overview of quantum computing highlighting recent advances in the industry will be given, with applied examples of how quantum algorithms can be used to solve applied problems in finance. In particular, a quantum machine learning framework to solve a credit scoring problem and a hybrid quantum-classical algorithm to solve a portfolio optimization problem are demonstrated. The talk will also feature an interactive Q&A session to answer any questions the audience has about quantum computing in general and its current and near-term applications.


Members of CPA Ontario may receive CPD credits for attending the seminar


  About the Presenter 

Anish Verma


Anish R. Verma is a quantum computing practitioner and enthusiast having worked for 3 years as a research scientist at 1QBit – a Vancouver-based quantum computing and artificial intelligence company – where I explored the applications of quantum computing and AI to finance. During that time, he was also selected for secondment at the Quantum Algorithms Institute, to advance the commercial adoption and broader outreach of quantum computing. Currently, Anish works at the Good Chemistry Company, advancing their products that combine modern high performance cloud computing, quantum computing, and machine learning for cutting edge molecular simulations.

Date: March 13, 2023

Time: 4:00 PM

Presented by: Anish Verma, 1QBit



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