Generative AI in Post-Secondary Education



Generative AI has become a prominent force in post-secondary education and there are ongoing discussions about its potential benefits and drawbacks for teaching and learning. But how are students and educators responding to the ongoing AI revolution? In this talk, Adam Vanzella Yang, Senior Research Associate for the Conference Board of Canada, presents findings from a nationally representative survey fielded in December 2023 and January 2024. The presentation discusses frequency of use, perspectives, and experiences with generative AI among post-secondary students and educators, focusing on differences by gender, cultural background, age, field of study, and institution type. 

This investigation is part of a large mixed-methods project undertaken by The Conference Board of Canada on behalf of the Future Skills Centre (FSC). The project aims to provide a comprehensive analytical framework on the use of generative AI for post-secondary teaching and learning in Canada, and to better inform post-secondary leaders in their decision-making for equitable and responsible use of this new technology.


Adam Vanzella Yang is a Senior Research Associate with the Education and Skills team at the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC). In this role, Adam leads various research projects on critical issues facing Canada’s post-secondary education system. Before joining CBoC, Adam was a researcher at the University of Montreal, where he was funded by a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship. Prior to that, he obtained his PhD in Sociology at the University of British Columbia. He has 10 years of experience undertaking research projects. His work has been featured in leading academic conferences and peer-reviewed journals. 




Adam Vanzella Yang

Senior Research Associate, Conference Board of Canada