Tips for Promoting Academic Integrity

  1. Learn from your instructors about Academic Integrity.
  2. Read Margaret Proctor’s “How not to plagiarize” document.
  3. If you do not know what plagiarism is, ask your instructor or speak to someone from the Library, a TA, or the Academic Skills Centre.
  4. Follow the rules for the final exams and term tests. Click here for a list of rules of conduct for final exams.
  5. Some courses use Be sure to cite all your academic sources.
  6. Course packages or outlines will describe what is acceptable.
  7. Be careful not to look at another student’s test paper. In addition to the value-based reasons not to cheat, instructors may use more than one version of multiple choice test/exam OR they may scramble questions and use different colored paper.
  8. Instructors are in the room when a test is conducted which means they will be watching for those who might try to ‘peek’.
  9. Group Work – If unsure, find out from your instructor what the expectations are for each member of your group.






*Video courtesy of Innis College, University of Toronto