Meeting with Instructor

  1. Once your instructor believes an academic offence may have been committed, s/he will contact you to arrange a meeting and discuss the assignment/test/essay.
  2. At this meeting, the instructor will discuss the work in question and explain why s/he feels an academic offence may have been committed.
  3. S/he will give you an opportunity to explain – Be honest!
  4. At the end of the meeting, if the instructor still feels an academic offence has been committed, s/he will forward the information to the Departmental Chair.
  5. The instructor cannot impose a sanction or penalty. However, if s/he feels that an offence was not committed, s/he can drop the matter.
  6. The Departmental Chair may handle the alleged offence if the assignment is worth 10% or less, but only if it is a 1st offence and you have admitted guilt. However, even if these criteria are met, the Chair still has the right to forward the matter to the Vice-Dean/Dean for resolution.
  7. Should the case file be forwarded to the Dean’s Office for resolution, you can contact the Office of the Dean for assistance.

Remember: All alleged academic offences must be reported.

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