I've been charged with an academic offence: Now what?

(Note: A meeting with your instructor is foregone if you are found with a cell phone in your possession during an examination/test)

Your instructor will contact you to discuss the alleged academic offence.

  1. Your instuctor will explain to you why an offence may have been committed.
  2. You will have an opportunity to explain - Be honest!
  3. After the meeting, if the instructor finds that an offence was not committed, the matter can be dropped.
  4. However, if there is clear evidence of an offence, the instructor will have no alternative but to forward the details of the alleged offence to the departmental Chair/Associate Chair/Director.
  5. The instructor cannot impose a sanction or penalty.
  6. The Chair/Associate Chair/Director may handle the alleged offence if the assignment is worth 10% or less, but only if it is a first offence and if you admit guilt. However, the Chair/Associate Chair/Director still has the right to forward the matter to the Vice-Dean/Dean for resolution.
  7. If the matter is forwarded to the Office of the Dean for resolution, you can contact the Office of the Dean for assistance.
  8. Once the Office of the Dean has received your case, the Dean's Designate and Vice-Dean/Dean will review the matter and determine the appropriate resolution.
  9. You will be invited to attend a meeting with the Dean's Designate, a staff member who takes notes, and possibly your instructor. If you admit to the alleged offence at the meeting, the Dean's Designate may recommend a sanction. The penalties imposed vary, but they are always in accordance with the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters (see Appendix "C").
  10. Timelines: If charged with an academic offence, expect that at a minimum, it may take 2 months to resolve.

According to section C.I.(a).6, you are entitled to seek advice and/or be accompanied by counsel at your meeting with the Dean's Designate.

You may wish to obtain a representative from Downtown Legal Services (DLS). DLS handles cases for University of Toronto students that involve academic offences under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

The University of Toronto Mississauga Student Union (UTMSU) can also provide a representative who is able to give support and guidance to students undergoing academic discipline proceedings. Please contact the UTMSU's Academic Advocacy Coordinator for more information on the services they are able to provide.

Alternatively, you may wish to bring a family member. Please make sure you provide advance notice to the Office of the Dean of your intention to bring counsel.

* Get help coping with stress by seeking help from a counsellor from Health Services or an academic advisor from the Office of the Registrar or one of the departmental Undergraduate Advisors.