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Welcome to the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Our research and teaching expertise covers a diverse range of topics that are central to understanding and explaining the state of society and social change.

At the undergraduate level, we offer Minor, Major, and Specialist Programs in Sociology and Major and Specialist Programs in Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies. As part of the tri-campus graduate department of Sociology, we also offer training for MA and PhD students through teaching and advising. The graduate program is administered at the downtown campus.

Our undergraduate programs build skills in quantitative and qualitative data management and analysis, expository writing, and both the development and critique of sociological theories. Through our broad range of course offerings, we aim to prepare students for opportunities for further study in graduate or professional programs, as well as to give them the intellectual tools required to be engaged and informed citizens.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our research and academic programs.



When you miss an in-class test, submit your request to write the make-up at this Special Consideration Request link.  Read about the process/instruction here.  In addition you will need to submit the UT Medical Certificate.  The make-up test dates for Winter 2016 are Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 5:00 pm for those who miss a test up to and including February 22 and on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 10:00 am for those who miss a test from February 23 up to and including April 4.


Student's feedback matters.  Students evaluation is now online and will be open soon.  Please read this and be part of it.  Together we can do it.


February 2015

Professor Shyon Baumann is serving a term (2015-2017) as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, Media and the Arts.

Professor Josée Johnston and Shyon Baumann have published a new edition of their book Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape.

Congratulations to Professor Hae Yeon Choo who has been awarded $10,000 from the University of Toronto Mississauga Research and Scholarly Activity Fund for the project, "Speculative home-making: Women's labour, class mobility, and real estate investment in South Korea".


January 2015

Congratulations to Professor Randol Contreras! SUNTA (Society of Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology) has awarded his book the 2014 Special Recognition Award for an Outstanding Monograph that Advances the Understanding of Urban Life.

His book has also recieved an Honorable Mention for the 2015 Mirra Komarovskly Award, given by the Eastern Sociological Society. The distinction will be announced at the Easterns in late February.


November 2014

New course available in upcoming winter semester!

SOC411H5S - Senior Seminar in Social Institutions (SSc) (Soc of Mental Health)

Students will read top journal articles and critique them; analyze mental illness in film; and embark on an independent qualitative research project, among other work. The questions the course will examine through the lenses of major theoretical perspectives include: What is Mental Illness? How do definitions vary across cultures?  Who is likely to become “ill”?  What social forces affect the stressors people are exposed to, the resources they have to fight problems, and the distress they feel?  When someone is diagnosed with a mental health disorder, what are societal reactions to this? How do families (try to) get help for relatives with problems, and how do these problems emanate into families and communities?

Please enroll this class on ROSI if interested!


May 2014

Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat gave the 8th Annual Lecture of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research on May 19th in Glasgow, Scotland. The Howard League Scotland posted a write-up of her lecture ‘Moving targets: Reputational risk, rights and accountability in punishment.’ Read it here


Professors Kelly Hannah-Moffat and Paula Maurutto were cited by The Toronto Star in No charges, no trial, but presumed guilty about findings from their research on the impact of criminal records. Canadians were outraged, read more here. Kelly and Paula have been working with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to examine how criminal records are being used, by whom and how much information is being disclosed. Read the CCLA’s report ‘False Promises, Hidden Costs: The Case for Reframing Employment and Volunteer Police Record Check Practices in Canada’ for more information.


April 2014

Congratulations to Kristen Dulysh (Crime and Socio-Legal Studies Specialist) who has been awarded the University of Toronto Excellence Award for the Social Science and Humanities (UTEA-SSH).  Her project title "Democracy that hurts:  the Paradox of law and state protection in gender-related refugee case law" was for her Research Opportunity Program (ROP) course with Prof. Hae Yeon Choo


Congratulations to Nicole Yiu (Crime and Socio-Legal Major) who has been awarded the University of Toronto Excellence Award for the Social Science and Humanities (UTEA-SSH).  Her project title "Gender, affect, and the boundary of the nation:  Discourse analysis of gender-related refugee case laws in Canada, 1933-2012" was for her Research Opportunity Program (ROP) course with Prof. Hae Yeon Choo.


Congratulations to Jade Nixon (Sociology Major) who is the recepient of this years Principals Involvement Award. Jade is Prof. Hae Yeon Choo's work study student.


March 2014

Congratulations to graduate student Catherine Cheng (co-supervisor Prof. Hae Yeon Choo) who is the winner of the first annual UTM Graduate Student Best Paper Award.


June 2013

Prof. Cynthia Cranford  is part of a team of U of T researchers who have won a SSHRC grant to study "The changing meanings of care - of children, elders and the disabled".  Read more.


March 2013

Congratulations to Jade Nixon - Sociology Major - who has been awarded the University of Toronto Excellence Award for the Social Science and Humanities (UTEA-SSH).  Her project title "Making of Black Canadians:  Interrogating Gender and Immigrant Integration in Refugee Decisions in Canada" was for her Research Opportunity Program (ROP) course with Prof. Hae Yeon Choo.


May 2012:

Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat's editied work with a college at UC Irvine and her article with co-PI Professor Paula Maurutto's is currently out in the special issue of Theoretical Criminology.  Please check it out through the Sage table of contents for the issue at


April 2012:

Professor Hae Yeon Choo is the winner of this year's Lumpkin Award for the best dissertation in Wisconsin Sociology Department.  Her dissertation was on "Citizenship at the Margins:  Filipina Migrant Women and the Paradox of Rights in South Korea".  Please visit Hae Yeon's web page to learn more about her research.




The requirements for the new Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies Major and Specialist programmes apply only to those students entering the programme in summer 2011.

For the students currently in the Crime, Law and Deviance Major or Specialist programmes SOC211H5/SOC307H5 will also be accepted as a prerequisite for those courses where SOC209H5/SOC305H5 is now the prerequisite.