Anna Korteweg

Anna C. Korteweg


Anna Korteweg is Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Her research focuses on the ways in which the perceived problems of immigrant integration are constructed in the intersections of gender, religion, ethnicity and national origin. From this critical vantage point, she has published extensively on debates surrounding the wearing of the headscarf, so-called “honour-based” violence, and Sharia law. Her current projects look at the return of women who joined IS to their European home countries, the construction of LGBTQ+/gender rights in refugee politics, and the citizenship implications of refugee sponsorship in Canada. Professor Korteweg has published the two monographs: The Headscarf Debates: Conflicts of National Belonging (Stanford University Press 2014, with Gökçe Yurdakul); Debating Sharia: Islam, Gender Politics, and Family Law Arbitration (edited with Jennifer Selby, University of Toronto Press 2012). In addition, she has published articles in a wide range of journals, including Annual Review of Sociology, Theory and Society, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Social Politics, Gender and Society, Social Identities, Nations and Nationalism, Women’s Studies International Forum, Canadian Criminal Law Review, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Law & Social Policy, International Journal of Feminist Politics, Signs, Social Compass, Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Her research has been funded by multiple SSHRC grants and funding from the DAAD and CERIS. (CV available upon request.)

Ph.D. (Sociology, University of California at Berkeley)


Recent Articles

Abji, Salina and Anna C. Korteweg, 2021. “’Honour’-based Violence and the Politics of Culture in Canada: Advancing a Cultural Analysis of Multi-Scalar Violence.” International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies 12(1):73-92. (Open Access)

Yurdakul, Gökçe and Anna C. Korteweg. 2021. “Boundary Regimes and the Gendered Racialized Production of Muslim Masculinities: Cases from Canada and Germany.” Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies 19(1):39-54. (Open Access)

Altay, Tunay, Gökçe Yurdakul, and Anna C. Korteweg. 2020. “Crossing Borders: The Intersectional Marginalization of Bulgarian Muslim Trans*Immigrant Sex Workers in Berlin. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 47(9):1922-1939. (Open Access)

Korteweg, Anna C. and Gökçe Yurdakul. 2020. “Liberal Feminism and Postcolonial Difference: Debating Headscarves in France, the Netherlands, and Germany.” Social Compass. (Open Access)

Yurdakul, Gökçe and Anna C. Korteweg. 2020. “State Responsibility and Differential Inclusion: Addressing Honor-Based Violence in the Netherlands and Germany.” Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society 27(2):187-211. (Open Access; Editor's Choice)

Abji, Salina, Anna C. Korteweg, and Lawrence H. Williams. 2019. "Culture Talk and the Politics of the New Right: Navigating Gendered Racism in Attempts to Address Violence against Women in Immigrant Communities." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 44(3):797-822.


Gender; Race and Racialization; Ethnicity; Immigration; Citizenship; Law and Social Policy; Muslims in Europe/European Muslims; Refugee Studies; Interpretative Methods
Current Courses
SOC221H5, SOC359H5, SOC433H5