PMO Services

The PMO offers three levels of service to the UTM community. Learn more about the services we offer by clicking the expandable menu below.

Broadest level of service

Available to: entire UTM Community

Assigned Project Manager (PM): PMO staff are not directly involved in projects taking advantage of PMO-provided tools. Departments or groups using the tools should assign their own PM.

Services: The PMO enables effective project management (PM) by providing project management tools and templates, links to PM training, and additional resources for community members who are managing projects.

Additionally, the PMO is working towards establishing a UTM Project Management Community of Practice (CoP) - open to all UTM community members interested or involved in PM work to learn and improve PM skills. Finally, this level of service promotes visibility of UTM’s most significant ongoing and upcoming projects across campus by providing and maintaining the Campus Strategic Projects & Initiatives Inventory which also supports our commitments to openness, truth, and transparency.

Client Unit's Responsibilities: 

Mid-level of service

Available to: Availability is project-dependent, and support will be prioritized for projects based on the project risk and complexity, level of strategic alignment, and the availability and experience of the department/unit’s team members to manage the project. 

Assigned Project Manager (PM): Department-led

Services: The PMO serves as a consultant for the Project Sponsor, Project Owner and Project Manager, to facilitate project success through regular check-ins during the project lifecycle.

Client Unit Responsibilities:

  • Recommended to start with a self-paced LinkedIn Learning Course to familiarize yourself with PM principles and processes
  • Identify Project Sponsor, Owner, and Manager contact the PMO to discuss high-level goals and objectives of the project
  • PMO assesses current capacity to support the project and if/when capacity exists, provides an overview of the Support level of service and the Project Manager's responsibilities
  • Project Manager directs the project with the guidance and support of PMO staff

Most involved level of service

Available to: Availability is limited by the capacity of the PMO; projects with high levels of risk and/or complexity, and/or high strategic and campus impact will be prioritized.

Assigned Project Manager (PM): The assigned Project Manager is a member of the PMO and assembles a project team of subject matter experts responsible for executing the project work.

Services: Direct management of the full lifecycle of a project.

Client Unit's Responsibilities:

  • Identify Project Sponsor and/or Owner and high-level project goals and objectives prior to contacting the PMO
  • Project Sponsor and/or Owner contact the PMO to discuss project goals and objectives
  • PMO assesses capacity to deliver project
  • If/When capacity exists, PMO delivers the project with a team of relevant SMEs and stakeholders
3 concentric circles representing the 3 main levels of PMO services


  • Transparency for UTM Strategic Projects
  • Process and templates, along with Community of Practice, available as a resource for the entire campus


  • Support UTM Strategic Projects; guidance for PMO process and templates


  • Project delivery for certain cross-pillar projects, select VPP projects and any project for which help is requested
  • Dependent on capacity