Jeremy Sills

Jeremy Sills

Senior Lecturer Emeritus (CSC)
Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Jeremy Sills is a Canadian. He has lived and worked in all parts Canada, British Columbia to Newfoundland. Currently he lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

Mr. Sills has a B.A. from University of Waterloo, a B.Ed. from University of Toronto and a M.Ed. from Queens University. He also has completed courses from Carleton University, the University of Western Ontario, and the Ontario College of Art and Design.

His teaching experience includes university Computer Science courses at University of Toronto, Technical Theatre courses at Ryerson, and Education courses at Queens. He taught an introductory course in the Sheridan Animation program. He also taught for the Toronto District Board of Education.

Other employment includes technical work in many Canadian theatres, production management, film production, technical illustration and drawing, computer programming for oil exploration.

Mr Sills' research interests include the secondary school to university transition --- the mismatch between student expectations and university objectives, teaching methods in first year university science and mathematics, computer science curriculum development, student recruitment, retention and attrition, training and background of high school computing studies teachers, private-sector computer training and academic codes of behavior --- academic offences.