Frank Tall

Frank Tall

Professor Emeritus (MAT)
Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Professor Tall was born in the U.S.A. and obtained his B.A. from Harvard in 1964 and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1969. He has been at the University of Toronto ever since, but has held visiting positions at Dartmouth University, Sichuan University, University of Sao Paulo, and Osaka Prefecture University.

Professor Tall's mathematical research centers on applications of set theory to topology. He has published numerous papers in this area and trained many doctoral and postdoctoral students.


1. Lindelof indestructibility, topological games and selection principles (with M. Scheepers), reprint.
2. PFA(S)[S]: more mutually consistent topoligical consequences of PFA and V=L, preprint.
3. Characterizing paracompactness in locally compact nromal spaces, preprint.
4. PFA(S)[S] and small Dowker spaces, preprint.
5. On the hereditary paracompactness of locally compact hereditarily normal spaces (with P. Larson), preprint.
6. Locally compact perfectly normal spaces may all be paracompact, (with P. Larson), preprint.
7. On a core concept of Arhangel'skii, submitted.
8. A note on linearly lindelof and dual spaces (with L.-X. Peng), Top. Proc. (32) 2008, 227-237.
9. Reflection of topological properties to aleph_1, 241-247, in Open Problems in Topology, II, ed. E. Pearl, Elsevier, 2007.
10. Compact spaces, elementar submodels, and the countable chain condition (with L.R. Junqueira and P. Larson), Ann.  Pure and Applied Logic (144) 2006, 107-116.
11. Compact spaces, elementary submodels and the countable chain condition, II, Top. Appl. (153) 2006. 273-278.