Papers co-authored by Professor Luai Al Labadi and his undergraduate supervisees get published in miscellaneous journals

Three of Professor Luai Al Labadi's and his USRA/independent studies supervisees' papers get accepted in various Statistics journals:

Student: Mark Asuncion - USRA

  • Al-Labadi, L, Alzaatreh, A., and Asuncion, M. (2022). Model Checking with Right Censored Data Using Relative Belief Ratio. To appear in Entropy.

Student: Kyuson Lim– Independent Study

  • Al-Labadi, L., and Fazeli Asl, F., and Lim, K.  (2022). On Bayesian Hotelling's T^2 test for the mean. To appear in Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation.

Student: Muhammad Tahir – Independent Study

  • Al-Labadi, L., and Tahir, M. (2022). Bayesian non-parametric estimation to entropy and extropy based on right censored data. Monte Carlo Methods and Applications,