Professional Experience Year (PEY) Co-op

Eligibility for PEY Co-op

U of T's Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op) is a work-integrated learning program that helps undergraduate students gain 12 to 16 months of paid work experience before they graduate. As a result of the new PEY Co-op programming, the 2022-2023 work term year will be a transition year between the current outgoing model and the new program model.

Only MCS students at UTM who are currently in Year 3 are eligible to participate in the outgoing model. For Registration information, please click here.

If you are a second-year* undergraduate UTM student enrolled in an Information Security or Bioinformatics Specialist, or Computer Science Specialist/Major/Minor program offered by the Department of Mathematical & Computational Sciences (MCS), you are eligible to apply to the new program model!

*Second year-students must be officially enrolled in an Information Security or Bioinformatics Specialist or Computer Science Specialist/Major/Minor program no later than January 2022 to be eligible. Students must have also completed CSC207H5/CSC207H1/CSCB07H3 by January 2022 to be eligible. International students that are interested in the PEY Co-op Program require a valid Co-op Work Permit. Currently, only international students at UTM who are enrolled in an Information Security Specialist or Computer Science Specialist or Computer Science Major program meet this requirement. Support for this process will be provided upon entrance into 12-16 month work term recruitment cycle.

UTM PEY Bursaries

The Office of the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean recognizes the major student commitment that comes with participation in curricular experiential learning. With the goal of promoting equal access to EL opportunities among all students, the Experiential Education Unit is pleased to announce the UTM PEY Bursaries program, which is intended to help UTM students reduce barriers and alleviate costs associated with this innovative experiential learning opportunity.

UTM PEY Bursaries are available to UTM students in financial need who are accepted into the PEY program during the January 2022 application cycle. Each student may only receive one (1) bursary valued at $500.

Applications to the UTM PEY Bursaries program open on February 22, 2022, and close on March 18, 2022.

Students can apply by submitting a University of Toronto Undergraduate Grant Application and indicating their request for a UTM PEY Bursary in their financial statement. Applicants must be accepted into the PEY program, pay their first and second installments of the PEY program fee ($900), and demonstrate financial need in order to receive a UTM PEY Bursary.

The Office of the Registrar will notify successful applicants once a decision has been made on their application. UTM PEY Bursaries will be distributed to students before the end of April 2022.

Please direct all inquiries about the UTM PEY Bursaries program to


What are the Benefits of PEY Co-op?

  • PEY Co-op gives you an edge in the workplace: Many PEY Co-op students secure a position before they graduate from U of T. On average, new grads with PEY Co-op experience can negotiate a starting salary at their first full-time job that is 15 per cent higher than those without PEY Co-op experience.
  • PEY Co-op provides career clarity: Spending 12-16 months in a professional work environment will give you a good opportunity to explore career paths within your placement and build valuable industry contacts.
  • PEY Co-op offers a wide range of opportunities: Your PEY Co-op experience can also take you abroad, with approximately 50-60 international internships taking place each year at companies like the Agfa-Gevaert Group in Belgium, Microsemi Corporation in the United States, Orbis Investment Management Limited in Bermuda, the Nordex Group in Germany and IDOM in Spain.
  • PEY Co-op opens industry doors: Approximately 70 per cent of PEY Co-op students return to finish their degree with a job offer in hand.​

PEY Co-op Program Contact Information: