Chris Lim


Graduated: 2022


What was your MCS program of study?

Computer Science Specialist


What did you learn while at UTM?

The three most valuable skills that I learned at UTM were leadership, resourcefulness, and dedication. I have gained these skills through participating in extracurricular activities such as joining clubs, hosting workshops, being a mentor for students, etc.


Can you share with us your career story to date?

Throughout my childhood, I actively participated in extracurricular activities such as robotics, dance club, and piano. When I started University, I continued to join clubs and extracurricular activities that were more tailored to my interests.

In my 2nd year at UTM, I came across an Instagram post from the UTM Google Developer Student Club (GDSC). They were hosting a new initiative called Community Projects which provided students the opportunity to work on a project alongside a professor and an upper-year mentor. As my interest in software development grew, I applied and was fortunate enough to get selected to partake in this experience. This experience inspired me to seek out other opportunities similar to this one and to expand my knowledge in technology and software development. 

In my 3rd and 4th year, I became quite involved in the computer science faculty at UTM. I became the Technology Director of CSSC, the Technical Lead of GSDC, and a Teaching Assistant for CSC301: Introduction to Software Engineering. I also continued to work on various projects, one of which was a PollVotingSystem that enabled professors to launch polls for students to vote in their class.

When it was time to apply for internships, I now had a portfolio filled with unique experiences. I ended up doing my first internship at Amazon, which eventually turned into a full-time offer! Despite having already graduated and working full-time, I will continue being an advisor for GSDC as this is my way of giving back to the professors and peers who have supported me throughout my journey. It is incredibly fulfilling to guide students towards their dream professional paths!


Any advice on career planning and job search?

If you are unsure about which job path to follow, you should network and initiate coffee chats with field industry experts! Field industry experts can provide insights into their day-to-day lives, giving you a clear picture of what their day consists of.  Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Being curious and open-minded can help guide your decisions in making crucial career choices.

The best advice that I can provide on job searching is to not be discouraged from getting rejected. The job market is extremely competitive, so learn from your mistakes and continue applying. You can also leverage your network by asking for resume reviews & mock interviews! Your network is your biggest asset and if you leverage it properly, you’ll find many windows of opportunities.

If you meet ~60-70% of the job requirements, it doesn’t hurt to apply! As important as technical skills are, your soft skills are equally as important and can definitely help secure a job position. There will always be opportunities at work to develop your technical skills but soft skills take a longer time to develop.


Can you share any industry insights?

A common pitfall for many developers is taking on more work than they can handle. Learning to say no is a crucial part of maintaining work-life balance and prioritizing your mental health. There will always be tasks to complete, so take the time to relax so that you won’t experience burnout which consequently affects your work performance.


How can MCS students connect with you?

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