O'Day, Danton H.

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Dan O'Day


Cell and Developmental Biology. Calmodulin is the primary, essential calcium-binding protein of all eukaryotes and has changed little throughout evolution. It plays a fundamental role in a diverse number of biomedically-relevant events including chemotaxis, growth and differentiation. We are studying the proteins that calmodulin binds to and regulates to further understand how it mediates these processes. Using the model eukaryotic microbe Dictyostelium, we have been isolating and sequencing cDNAs that encode novel calmodulin binding proteins. The cellular and developmental functions of these genes are then studied by generation of mutants expressing various forms of the protein. For example, recently we identified and characterized a novel protein called nucleomorphin that controls the number of nuclei produced by cells. In addition, we are detailing the signal transduction mechanisms that underlie calmodulin function.

Professor O'Day is the co-inventor of DNA games including Codon, The DNA Dice Game (TM) and Gene Rummy, The DNA Card Game (TM) which are published by Carolina Biological.



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